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We work with the UK’s Most Trusted boiler installers to get you the most completive prices on New Boilers.

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Replacing your boiler could potentially cut your gas bills in half! An A-Rated Boiler converts up to 94% of consumed energy into usable heat. This leads to huge savings in the long run – boilers over 10 years old are only around 70% efficient.

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How Switching Boiler Can Help The Planet

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All boilers serve a common purpose, but their efficiency can vary massively. Boilers are categorized by an Energy Efficiency Rating, which indicates how much energy they use and how much is wasted. Modern condensing boilers are labelled between 92 to 94% efficiency – this means they are given an efficiency rating of A. Boiler efficiency is ranked from to A to G, with G-Rated boilers converting just 70% of Gas into useful heating.

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